Violent Crimes

Being accused of a violent crime is serious business. When most of us think of a violent crime, we think of offenses like murder or rape. Here are some explanations of other legal terms for violent crimes.
Manslaughter is when someone’s reckless action causes a death. Example: Running over and killing someone with a vehicle while speeding through a residential neighborhood.

Battery is the act of making offensive contact with someone. Example: Slapping someone’s face.
Assault is making the threat of battery. Example: Telling someone “I’m going to knock your teeth in.”
Vehicular assault is injuring someone due to reckless driving. Example: A driver hits the car in front of him, causing the other driver whiplash, because she was distracted with a text message.

Negligent homicide is when someone causes another’s death because of their own carelessness. Example: A small child dies because her parents left her in a hot car.

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