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Warrior Lawyers Philip R WhiteMr. Philip R. White forges a defense for each case with his motto as the foundation: Facts, Faith, Freedom. First, determine the “Facts.” “Facts” are true, unknown, real, or fiction, and the discovery and appropriate use of “the Facts” will facilitate a finding of reasonable doubt. Second, keep the “Faith.” “Faith” is loyalty to the client, confidence in the truth, trust in the presumption of innocence, and a belief that a case does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. Third, fight for “Freedom.” “Freedom” is the capacity to exercise choice, exemption from detention, possession of rights, and most notably, a license for liberty. By adhering to this motto he will protect the rights of one to preserve the rights of all.

Mr. White is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, United States District Court for the Districts of Kansas and Colorado, Kansas Supreme Court, Kansas Court of Appeals, District Court for the State of Kansas, and all Municipal Courts in the State of Kansas. He is a member of the Wichita and Kansas Bar Associations as well as the Kansas and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Whether charged with murder or manslaughter, drug possession or sale, solicitation or sexual assault, DUI or DV, you can be assured that Mr. White has extensive experience in the defense of criminal allegations. Although prior cases cannot guarantee future results, his creative defense strategies often produce favorable outcomes. By way of example only, a premeditated first degree murder finding of not guilty in a homicide drug jury trial, dismissal of two charges of premeditated first degree murder during a homicide aggravated robbery jury trial, two not guilty verdicts in a DUI-Manslaughter jury trial, and numerous drug, DV, and DUI dismissals or not guilty verdicts were returned for past clients. In State v. Anderson, the Kansas Supreme Court agreed with his defense strategy in a Fourth Amendment search and seizure case resulting in new constitutional protections for every citizen in Kansas.



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Phone: (316) 265-5511
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