When one person kills another person, it isn’t necessarily considered murder. But it is considered a homicide.

Legally speaking, there are different levels of homicide. If someone kills another on purpose – whether it be out of anger, or for money, or simply wanting to end the pain and suffering of a loved one – it’s considered a criminal homicide.

If a person were proven to have killed another in self-defense, that would be justifiable homicide, which is not a legal charge.

Not surprisingly, there is a lot of “gray area” in being able to prove exactly what led to the circumstances of a death. That’s where the Warrior Lawyers come in. The firm of Ariagno, Kerns, Mank & White LLC provides its clients with top-notch criminal defense and knowledge of Kansas law that is unmatched by anyone in the state. Call the Warrior Lawyers today at (316) 265-5511.

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