A realtor encourages you to exaggerate your yearly income, or fail to mention one of your car loans, on the mortgage paperwork so he can close on your new house.

Whether you know it or not, that is legally considered fraud, and it is a crime you would be charged with.

Writing checks from someone else’s bank account is fraud, and so is billing someone for services you did not provide.

There are many other examples of fraud, and some of them aren’t so clear cut. Did you knowingly provide inaccurate information? Was it is the result of a misunderstanding, or instructions that could be construed in more than one way?

If you’re in danger of being convicted of fraud, call the criminal defense team of Ariagno, Kerns, Mank & White LLC. The Warrior Lawyers are experts on Kansas law, and have a proven success record of defending their clients by examining every aspect of each case.

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